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A global journey to experience what others find interesting, fun and enlightening by mixing the items from the past with those of the present to enjoy life in the future with style.

Something profound, exceptional, historical or trendy, which makes eclectic a delightful experience.

Currently, I find Steampunk and Industrial an interesting genre.

Costume designer Colleen Atwood and fashion designer Sarah Burton, who continues the house and legacy of Alexander McQueen are just a few names to drop to draw you towards ...

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Pin board Letting Go is dedicated to personal items which, includes art; antiques; collectibles and tools offered on eBay, Zazzle and in The Merchantile.

Pin board GDRL & DH Library of books 4 Sale is a road map to where our books are listed.

The Merchantile holds most of our books but at times they will be found at eBay. Utilizing the Pinterest board will link to where the item can be found 4 Sale.

Stop by and enjoy the journey.

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